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Monday, February 8, 2010

WeLCoMe To My WorLD!!

Welcome to My World !!!!!:-)

Hye guyz..Diz is 1st time where i try to create my own blog wif my style.hhe:-)
Act, my lec suh stdnt2 dia create blog sndiri 4 do d business (e-commerce). So,he taught us how to create diz blog..and now i da taw cam ne nak use this blog..hha.agak trlambt tp ta pe, at least ad kemajuan..yeay!..cume pas nie kne bljr many things to improve my skills..hehe:-)
Tp kn..i da slh gune ilmu nie..bkn create blog 4 business, but 4 my personal!!....hha(notty):-)..

Tp tape..4 d business i akn create 1 new blog wif my friends and bout that i'll tell u all later k....ngee:-)

So...for d 1st time, let me introduce bout myself. I lbh selesa klaw u all call me ira..but, most of my frenz call me kieyra...i'm 22 years old..old already..hha:-p
Very2 fanatic with purple colour..hha!!..tgk sajelah bckground blog i..ngee..:-)
Wat mase nie, still single available lg..hehe..but, da de yg curi hati i k..namo cte byk2..nnti cedey..huhu:-(

Now, i study at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) 4 d bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship (commerce)..So, it's mean ade lg 2 more years b4 i grad..hhu..:-(..Owh ya!!,i lahir kt Miri, Sarawak..My mom asal n9 n dad plak from Ipoh,Perak..Now,I menetap di Malacca..hehe:-)

Hmm..i rase ckp smpai di sini sje 4 today pas nie, u all akn tahu lebih lanjut bout my Life..ops!!..bkn utk jual my personal life ya!!..sekadar berkongsi kisah..hehe:-)...

So, hope u all enjoy ngan blog nie n sbrg story yg i anggap unique n interesting..i akn post kt sini gak...


Anonymous said...

i propose u 2join my world

IeyRa K!eyRa said...

Do u have any blog?? n wat's ur meaning about join ur world?

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